New Boys Arrive at the Moses Project

New Boys Arrive at the Moses Project

The coffee harvest is winding down in the western part of Honduras, which means the start of the new school year is just around the corner. School is programmed to start on February 5th, and the boys of the Moses Project have returned. In October and November of 2019, we spent several days meeting with community leaders and teachers in new communities of western Honduras that have yet to be impacted by Mission UpReach and the Moses Project such as an area called La Campa. We felt called to recruit boys from this municipality and its surrounding areas because of a study that was published about this region. 51.25% of the population is under that age of 18, and of the school age children, only 27.27% are studying.

The Moses Project exists specifically for the purpose of helping young men who live in poverty to reach their full potential. In effect, they can be a “Moses” to their communities and promote lasting change in their communities. This is easily seen through economical change, but more importantly, spiritual change by carrying the Good News to their families and fellow citizens of their communities.

This year we are welcoming 15 new young men into the Moses Project family so that they may have the opportunity to be blessed by the Mission UpReach staff, the Moses Project, and the supporters of those programs. There are 31 young men in the program this year and they represent 15 communities that we can bless. God blessed Abraham so that he would be a blessing to many. God has blessed Mission UpReach abundantly, and we in turn are blessing these young men with the abundant life that is only found in Jesus Christ. We are planting seeds for future generations to be blessed by the Good News. It has been said that a fool can tell you how many seeds are in an apple, but only a wise man can tell you how many apples are in a seed. We ask you to join us in prayer for the seeds that we are planting in western Honduras!

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