A Note From Donna – March 2020

A Note From Donna – March 2020

This month has been very busy for us here in Honduras. Finding balance in the midst of the hectic times is a bit challenging. The beautiful thing about the life we lead here is that almost all of what we do has a Kingdom impact.

Sometimes in my human weakness and fatigue, I function like what I do is common earthly work, but in reality, it is eternal and lasting. Just recently, while hosting some young adults in our home, I had one of those moments where I looked around at those young adults and wondered where they might be if we had never come to Honduras. Would they even know the Lord? What kinds of lives would they be leading? It is far more complex than just Phil and I coming to Honduras because that was just the beginning of what God has done.

It truly does take a village, and God has put together an incredible team and amazing resources to provide opportunities for individuals to grow in their relationship with Him. This has lead to better choices, better marriages, better children, and a better future for Honduras. Phil and I pray daily that what we are building with God’s help will continue to have an impact long after we are gone and no one even remembers our names. Our goal is not to be remembered; it is to impact lives for eternity. 2020 is a building year, a year in which we need your support more than ever and your prayers are invaluable.

We have a lot of hurdles this year and our need for raising funds is the greatest it has been. 2021 looks very promising as our agri-businesses begin to produce income, but the foundation is still under construction. We appreciate your continued support and ask that God will provide more donors and more donations as we faithfully march forth. Thank you for your prayers.

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