A Great Cup of Coffee

A Great Cup of Coffee

The quality of a cup of coffee is all about the experience of drinking it. That is why the best cups of coffee are often the ones we’ve shared with the people we love the most. They’re the cups of coffee that we have grown to feel comfortable with. It’s our morning cup in the perfect mug, tasted in the quiet dark before sunrise. Or, it’s our coffee order that didn’t even need to be said because our favorite shop has it memorized. The quality of the coffee certainly matters, but that is just one part of the experience.

We began Subida Coffee with the goal of supporting the Moses Project, and coffee production is as an integral part of what we do on the farm. We focus on producing an incredibly high-quality coffee and this process generates many jobs and serves as a powerful tool in the agriculture education of the Project participants. It also serves as a direct way to raise funds for the Moses Project. With each bag of coffee we sell, we are able to support the incredible work being accomplished there.

So, to us, a great cup of coffee is certainly about the quality and environment where it’s enjoyed, but it’s also about what it supports. Each cup of Subida Coffee means something. It means that individuals are being equipped with the tools they need to lift themselves, their families and their communities, out of systemic poverty.

We encourage you to buy a bag of Subida Coffee today. You can enjoy it with loved ones or enjoy it alone in the quiet morning, but knowing it is doing real, lasting good is what makes it a truly great cup of coffee.  Visit subidacoffee.com to order your coffee today!

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