A Life Changed

A Life Changed

By: Madison Mayben

Last summer, through the generosity of my home congregation, I had the opportunity to participate in the DiscipleTrips short-term mission to Honduras. When we arrived, I was fully prepared to pour my heart out in service to the people there. What I was not expecting was the enormous impact that the people left on my own life. I will forever remember the sweet smiles on every child’s face, the joy that came from seeing a funny skit about the Prodigal Son, and that, even when there is a language barrier, laughter is a common language that can bring people together.

I saw how much I take for granted in life–especially something like air conditioning, which I considered a necessity. The children taught me more about being thankful and finding joy in everything than I ever knew before. I returned home determined and worked hard to bless someone every day.

This spring when I began receiving updates from Mission UpReach about the struggles they were facing because of COVID-19, my heart longed to be back in Honduras. I remember looking at the pictures I had taken there and felt compelled to help somehow. I contacted Mission UpReach about their situation. They told me the biggest need was for food baskets. Costing just $25.00, each basket will feed a family for two weeks. This was the moment I felt God telling me to take initiative to do something, and I decided to call my effort Hope for Honduras.

I set a target goal of collecting enough funds to feed 200 families, something I never thought I would reach, let alone exceed. It took a while to work up the courage to put my plan into action because doing something like this was completely outside my comfort zone. I created a short video and article to share with churches and individuals. I shared it on my personal social media accounts and with churches I am personally connected with. Southgate Church of Christ, my home church, was extremely supportive and willing to help the cause. Friends and family from across the United States contacted me about this effort and how they could help. All these people are supporting Mission UpReach through donations and prayers.

I prayed this fundraiser would make an impact on Mission UpReach and the people they serve. In total, we raised enough funds to feed over 360 families! None of this would have been possible without Him. God is good all the time! He continually shines through the smiles and laughter of young children and through the service of organizations like Mission UpReach. I pray that God will continually bless them and their efforts to change lives, just as they changed mine.

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