2020 Year End Annual Giving Campaign Success

2020 Year End Annual Giving Campaign Success

By Phil Waldron

Thanks to many, many individuals, our year end campaign was a success! We are grateful to each and every one of you who participated in blessing us with your donations and offerings. We take seriously this honor and privilege that is now ours of stewarding these resources for the good of the Kingdom. Your generosity has allowed us to start the year with confidence. So once again, thank you for your generosity and your willingness to partner with us in furthering the kingdom of our Lord here in Western Honduras.

Many people also responded to our call for hurricane relief. The challenge we put forth to our base of supporters to purchase a whole chicken at $4.25 that would feed a family of four seemed to resonate well. Thank you for your help. The response was generous enough that chickens were not the only things that we were able to give to those in need. Rice, beans, and other supplies were given to many. This fundraiser for hurricane relief did not end on December 31st. There will be a need for these types of funds for several months to come. If you feel compelled to give help to people who are suffering hardship due to displacement or loss from the hurricanes, please go to our website at missionupreach.org and click on the ETA Relief Fund tab at the top of the page. Your charity dollars could not be better placed than with this relief effort.

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