A Note from Donna

A Note from Donna

Many of us are happy to see 2020 come to an end.  Unfortunately, many of our problems and concerns don’t end just because a calendar year does.  Although the vaccine is beginning to make its way into the population, many have lost and continue to lose loved ones. Unfortunately for Honduras, that process could take years or never happen.  Lord willing, Phil and I are scheduled to finally return to Honduras on February 5th, barring any new shutdowns.  Our airport will be up and operational, and we will have completed nearly 11 months stateside.  While it was not by our design, we do believe God has used our time for many good purposes, some personal and many for the Mission.  We look forward to getting back home, and as much as the current situation will allow, reconnecting with the people we minister to and serve with.  As we have watched God provide in the midst of impossible circumstances, we begin this new year with a sense of hope and full trust in God’s continued provision.

Having more time than usual with our adult children has been good for the soul.  Our son, Harrison, typed us a very special and loving message after our time with him at Christmas.  One of the things he said was that this past year has been very special for him because we have been around more.  Of course that makes it hard to leave him.  Being able to live with Laura and watch her adapt to her new city and circumstances has been especially meaningful because we were not easily accessible to her during her undergraduate studies.  There are many emotional sacrifices one makes as a missionary, but the rewards are many and eternal.  We are thankful our children support our being away.  We ask for your prayers as we return and get back into our new routine, forged by the pandemic.

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