Short-Term Mission Teams Update

Short-Term Mission Teams Update

As we began cancelling groups for 2020, our sadness mounted, and we comforted ourselves with believing that 2021 would see us restored to normalcy.  It appears that was just a dream, and now we are faced with the harsh reality that 2021 will likely be much like 2020.  After careful consideration, we believe that we cannot safely receive groups in 2021.  Covid cases continue to climb in Honduras with no hope of vaccines in the near future.  The government restrictions by both Honduras and the U.S. will add at least $200 to an individual’s trip cost, not to mention the time involved in getting testing done coming and going.  We also have serious concerns for travelers getting ill with the virus in a country (Honduras) that does not have the resources to effectively treat Covid. The safety of our visitors has been and continues to be a top priority.

We hope and trust that 2022 will provide opportunities for short term teams once again.  The needs of the poor in Honduras are mounting and we desperately need teams.  We have prayed and contemplated how we might focus our resources to help with those needs. We are excited to announce that in collaboration with the Edward Via School of Osteopathic Medicine (VCOM) we are working towards opening a medical clinic in Santa Rosa de Copán that focuses on meeting the medical needs of the poor in our city and region.  This will by no means replace the effective medical brigades in villages but will help to alleviate some of the suffering in our city.

We are asking individuals and churches to consider donating what they would have spent on a trip and project fees in 2021 toward the construction of this clinic.  Thanks to a generous donor, we are in the process of purchasing the warehouse we currently use in Santa Rosa for church, basketball leagues, tutoring and our deaf school.  This warehouse will be renovated to include a medical clinic in addition to its current uses.  We feel this is the best way we can extend our care and concern for our community.

We know that many of you have been prayerful about the people of Honduras during this past year, and we ask that you continue to pray for them.  We also hope that you will take the opportunity to make a difference, even when you can’t be here to do so in a hands-on manner.

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