DESEO is Overcoming

DESEO is Overcoming

By Donna Waldron


As this new school year started, there was great uncertainty about whether there would be in-person classes or “online.” I put that in quotes because that means something totally different here in Honduras. There are very few children who have access to internet, let alone devices to connect to the internet. The decision was made to continue online, which is very unfortunate for thousands and thousands of children who have no connectivity and almost no support at home. In response, DESEO has had to “reinvent” itself. There are some schools who are meeting in person (regardless of what the government says), and we are able to continue our Bible and values lessons with them. Our primary focus this year has become our tutoring services. So many children are behind because of little to no connectivity, so we are offering them a safe environment to connect and work on their homework while offering them assistance as needed. We are not able to provide transportation due to country-wide restrictions, so our outreach is to the children who live near our church building. We are having great success with the children arriving twice weekly for their tutoring, and our hope and dream is that we can make a difference in their lives and education. DESEO has also begun working on a video series that we are piloting with a couple of Kindergartens with the dream of eventually getting some spots on the local TV channels. This would give us the capacity to reach more children. I heard about one boy yesterday who is being physically abused at home in an effort to “motivate” him to do his schoolwork. His desperate grandmother came to me looking for help. We have signed him up for tutoring and are offering some assistance to his mother. This boy is one of thousands who are experiencing this consequence of the pandemic. Please, please pray for us as we seek to help in the most effective ways now and in the future.

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