MUR Employee Spotlight: Luis

MUR Employee Spotlight: Luis

For 2021, we have decided to spotlight a different Mission UpReach employee each month. Our goal is to give you a look at the various roles individuals play in the day-to-day operations of Mission UpReach.

Meet Luis.

Luis Emanuel Hernández Flores is from Tegucigalpa, Honduras. He graduated from the Pan-American Agricultural University Zamorano in Honduras in 2018. His degree is in Agricultural Science and Production. He has worked in several different areas of agriculture, including ornamental flower production and tilapia growing. Shortly after graduating, he had the opportunity to participate in a continuing education program in agricultural ecology. Currently Luis works for Mission UpReach in our Moses Products department as the leader for the poultry production team. Their responsibilities include growing healthy chickens to the proper size for harvest. This important effort plays a huge role in Mission UpReach’s vision towards sustainability and the expansion of our community outreach. Luis says, “I feel good working for the mission because I fully support their community outreach programs. I know that what I am doing is much more than just contributing to the bottom line of a business. It’s motivating and an honor to work with an organization that is always working towards the betterment of my country and the good of others.”

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