First Medical Team in Two Years!

First Medical Team in Two Years!

We are so excited to announce our first medical team since the beginning of 2020.  It has been a long two years and we have missed the collaborative work our visiting teams do in helping us meet the needs of the people we serve.  The Tusculum Church of Christ from Nashville, TN was the last team we hosted in 2020 and now the first in 2022.  We so appreciate their willingness to step out in faith to face the challenges of COVID.  Receiving them was like a breath of fresh air.  They had 23 participants and were able to serve almost 700 people with medical consults and vision checks.  The team showed awesome flexibility when the international highway was taken by protesters resulting in having to cancel one of the three clinic days.  This meant a very, very busy third day as we honored the patients scheduled for the lost day.  The people of Lucerna, where we conducted the clinic, were very appreciative for their presence and the kindness and love extended despite the language barriers.


2020 was to be our busiest year of visiting teams with 15 separate teams scheduled.  In 2022, we have only 6 groups currently scheduled.  Many of our former visiting teams are planning to travel in 2023.  If you or your church or organization are looking for a place to visit where you can be blessed by serving people in need, please contact Donna Waldron at [email protected] for more information.

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