$500,000 Challenge Fund for New Clinic and Church Building Construction

$500,000 Challenge Fund for New Clinic and Church Building Construction

By Phil Waldron, CEO

On April 11th we announced, via social media campaign, the good news that once again God has blessed us with an incredible funding opportunity. To explain just how great this opportunity is for our work here, I need to share a “little context.”

In March of this year, we received a matching grant pledge of $500,000 earmarked for the completion of our fixed-base medical clinic in Santa Rosa. The corresponding $500,000 to be raised in cash and pledges is almost exactly the amount needed to complete the renovations to the rest of our warehouse building that we use for a whole host of activities. Presently, even in its very rustic warehouse form, it serves as an auditorium on Sundays for our worship services. At other times it is used for different activities like Sunday school, DESEO basketball leagues, and afternoon tutoring just to mention a few.

This facility, when we are not battling a pandemic, is used every day of the week for different activities. Now with the construction of a medical clinic combined with the other improvements, we will have 4,000 Square Feet of clinic and another 10,000 Square Feet of auditorium/basketball court, and classrooms.

To take full advantage of the $500,000 challenge, we are seeking cash and pledges (to be donated over the next two years) by May 31st. We know that this is a short time to raise such a large amount, but we already have $167,000 committed, and we still have almost the entire month of May before us. Can you help?

After various efforts to raise the funds to buy the 8,000 sq. ft. warehouse we have been renting for several years, we thought that it may have been beyond our ability. Yet here we are. Sometimes God provides in such surprising ways. And now, due to a fundraiser last year, we have not only bought the property, but we have begun Phase 1 of the construction of the Clinic.

This year, due to this latest challenge grant that we have received, we now have the opportunity to raise all of the money we need to build out the Clinic and the rest of the building as well. This facility will bless future generations due to the long-term service it will provide to our various programs and the local church. Your funds can make all the difference in the world in our ability to build this vital tool.

Remember, you can help by giving or pledging a donation by May 31st. When you decided what you can give, please email me at [email protected]

By letting me (Phil) know the amount you can pledge towards this goal over the next two years, I can keep our Challenge Donor apprised of our progress. Every dollar pledged encourages others to give, so please contribute today.

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