Visitors in April

Visitors in April

We hosted a good number of visitors this month. One group of 3 individuals from the White Tail Automation group out of Calgary, Canada came to see how they might partner with us. They plan to start bringing groups down in 2024 and hope to focus on school projects, such as improving facilities or adding on to existing facilities. We look forward to that relationship developing into something mutually beneficial.

We also hosted Sophie Savage (along with her husband Peter and one-year-old son Hugh). Sophie has committed to assisting us as we raise awareness of Mission UpReach’s work among various governmental and private fundersĀ and prepare to delve into the world of grant writing. Sophie has 13 years of experience and has led communications activities for over $150+ million grant-funded portfolios across five global humanitarian organizations.

We were also thrilled to host and spend time with Enrique (Keke) Kellis who is working to produce marketing videos for our Subida coffee.

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