A Note from Donna

A Note from Donna

I mentioned two big events in last month’s newsletter:  Laura’s graduation and our 40th Anniversary trip.  Both were a huge blessing to us.  Now we are back in Honduras and catching up on the things that were waiting for us when we returned.  It is truly a good feeling to desire to be back doing what we do.

This week I had the privilege of hosting a celebration of a precious little girl named Milagro (Miracle).  She turned 9 years old and had never had a birthday celebration. In fact, she didn’t even know her birthday or her age.  This little girl comes with her mother to my home every Tuesday night when I host a women’s Bible study group.  She ALWAYS brings me flowers that she picks on her way to my house.  We decorated the house with flowers and I bought her a cute dress with flowers on it.  Every few minutes throughout our study she would pull the dress out of the gift bag to look at it again and then gently fold it up and place it back in the bag.  I wish you could have seen her face when we placed a candle on the cake and sang to her.  I share this story because for me it reminds me of how blessed I am to be able to do something so insignificant to me that means so much to a small child.  How many times have you met a child who has never had a birthday cake or celebration?  I know there are many others like Milagro in the world.  In fact, we have 62 children from similar circumstances on our deseoproject.org site waiting to be sponsored.  You could actually provide a similar experience for a child you sponsor.  I invite you to prayerfully consider this challenge.

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