ESPERO Elections

ESPERO Elections

In April, our ESPERO School for Deaf Adults held elections to fill positions within their student government, but this election also had larger implications. These elected students will also make up the new Santa Rosa de Copán chapter of the Deaf Association of Honduras (ASH). Santa Rosa’s chapter is the newest of 8 total chapters in the country. “The Deaf Association of Honduras has large goals,” said Cindy Medina, subdirector of the ESPERO Program. “They support the formation of these regional chapters to reach more deaf people and provide trainings, funds, didactic materials, and education in their rights and language.”

Before the election took place, there was substantial teaching given on rights and obligations related to being deaf and participating in the electoral process. Our students learned of each position’s roles, and they feel passionate about their responsibility to protect the deaf in their community. Part of the election process involved small group discussion about what Santa Rosa needs in terms of services, education, and support. Many deaf people live sheltered, hidden lives, so understanding that there is a national connection for their deaf community that can support them and provide them with trainings and services assuages the feelings of isolation and is very empowering.

We want to congratulate the following students on the position they won in the election and offer them encouragement as they seek to raise up others in their community:

Flavia-President; Darwin-Vice President; Digna-Secretary; Blanca-Treasurer; Carmen – Observer; Mavis and Josselin- Board members

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