Moses Products Points of Sale

Moses Products Points of Sale

By Erik Estrada

Our Moses Products division just acquired seven storefronts!

In order to improve our distribution strategy and offer an easier way of restocking of our products, we have developed seven Points of Sale for our products where the costumers can go to purchase at the same price as the sales truck. This allows the owners of small stores to restock even faster, and at the same time, we can adapt to the different volumes the client might want. The stores are located in Santa Rosa de Copán, Gracias, Ocotepeque and Cucuyagua, which are key market sectors in the western region of Honduras.

We are working on the developing the branding of the stores so they may be easily recognizable and linked to our “Productos Moisés” brand. We are excited to have more contact with the people in our community and generate more jobs and opportunities!

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