A Note From Donna

A Note From Donna

We have chosen to take what we consider an appropriate pause in reporting this month in order to share our heartfelt sorrow at the passing of our son Harrison on June 23rd. Harrison simply got out of his chair (his soul that is) and went on to his new life with the Lord for all of eternity. In March I noticed his “light” dimming. Hayley and I discussed this fact and both of us had a “feeling” he was getting very weary. Harrison, in the entire 7 years of his suffering, never, ever complained. When he managed, with great effort, to communicate with us with his iPad, he ALWAYS praised us and pointed us to Jesus. When I asked him one time how he managed to remain so positive and how is it he always encouraged others with is words, he typed (not exact words) “Mom, I get so few opportunities to communicate, so I have decided to use my words to encourage others and point to Jesus.” I felt so humbled by those precious words. Even in his voiceless, broken body, he was leading us all towards victorious living in God.

Words fail us as we express the great honor it is to be chosen as Harrison’s parents. We can’t imagine him accomplishing any earthly success greater than what he has endured in faith over the past 7 years. Our ambiguous grief has become unambiguous. We grieve all we have lost. We watched Harrison suffer for 7 years and selfishly we wanted to continue to love on him, look into his beautiful eyes and care for him. But we are so thankful he has been freed and now is made whole.

Thank you for allowing us to share some of our thoughts and to honor our son. Some of you have donated to Mission UpReach in Harrison’s honor. We intentionally haven’t requested donations in his honor because we would never want to utilize such loss for gain. However, we do appreciate the kind gestures and gifts.

Thank you for your kind words, prayers, and support since the beginning of this journey in August of 2015. We will continue to need these things in the days to come.

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