Brigades are Back!

Brigades are Back!

During the months of June and July, we have hosted three short term mission teams (we call them brigades here in Honduras).  The first group came from Pine Tree Church of Christ in Longview, TX and brought much needed medical attention along with dental care. This team was able to serve 878 people with medical attention and they pulled 274 teeth. Many of the people that were served walked up to 2 hours to arrive at the site where we had the clinic. Most of those were mothers with 5-8 children. Experiencing the smiles on their faces and hearing their expressions of gratitude are so rewarding for the teams who sacrifice their time and money to serve. Also with this team came Dr. Quentin Woods who trained our staff and professionals from our community on Learning Strategies for Children with ADHD. Each participant was enthusiastic about sharing their experiences and learning very practical applications of strategies to help their students succeed.


We also had a team from Ft. Worth, TX who served 900 people in another part of our region. This is a new area for us and the reception and appreciation of the people who came to the clinic was equally encouraging. This team was made up of folks from the Southside Church of Christ in Fort Worth as well as the Legacy Church of Christ in N. Richland Hills. Both churches have been involved with our mission for many years. The Legacy Church has been very supportive of our deaf school and ministry and this time they brought the gift of 4 laptops for our much needed computer lab.


In the month of July, we were thrilled to host the youth group from the Tusculum Church of Christ out of Nashville, TN. A group of 22 teens and parents came to conduct a VBS in 11 of the schools we visit with our DESEO program. They performed a skit about the story of David and Goliath, sang songs, brought an amazing craft for each of the children to complete and loved on a lot of children. In several of the communities they played soccer with the children and visited their homes. They also taught an English class in 3 schools in the afternoon, which was a wonderful cultural experience for the children.


We are already filling up our calendar for 2023 with groups. If your church or organization is interested, please email Donna Waldron at [email protected] for more information or to book your week.

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