Deaf Students Receive Computation Classes

Deaf Students Receive Computation Classes

In an effort to provide many different learning experiences for our students to prepare them for employment and success outside of school, ESPERO has started offering a computer course! This course is provided through Fundacion Yo Quiero Ser (I Want to Be Foundation) and will last for the next 3 months. For most of our Deaf students, it is the first time in their lives that they have interacted with a computer. Simply typing their name and seeing it appear on the screen filled them with excitement and wonder. They will be learning the most basic things like simply turning on the computer to creating diplomas and trifolds.

Courses like this one had been requested by our students themselves during their election process a few months ago to express the areas in which they wanted to receive instruction to better prepare them for their futures. Computer, art, and cosmetology were some of the training areas they hoped to explore.

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