Good News for Subida Coffee

Good News for Subida Coffee

By Erik Estrada

Coffee production is evolving day by day. Climate change, financial challenges, and the market have motivated the producers to become more aware of the management given to the farm as well as the yield obtained. The participation of coffee in the market has changed, and now, the consumer can get more information on the beans used for their favorite beverage. Receiving recognition for implementing best practices, being sustainable, and caring about each person involved in the process has become an important factor in the coffee market.

To achieve these goals and share what we do on our farm, we are excited to announce that our coffee is now Rainforest Alliance certified!

Our Certification Coordinator, Anibal Tabora, shares the following:

“Mission UpReach is proud to be one of the RA certified farms. Having this seal is important for us, since we have dedicated our efforts to motivating our collaborators to care about the environment, know their rights, and invest in activities that will help the farm’s yield, infrastructure, and work environment. With this program, new tools to improve the process and systems will be implemented. Also, this will promote the three pillars (economic, environmental, and social) of the certification, to have continuous improvement with our team, the organization, and nature.”

We want to thank God and our team for making this possible. At the same time, we motivate you to try our coffee. All the profits generated are reinvested into the community.

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