DESEO School Year Comes to an End

DESEO School Year Comes to an End

We are once again able to hold our “School for Parents” at the schools in which our DESEO Program serves. This is an important part of our DESEO outreach because success for our students is greatly impacted by their home life. We cover topics such as prevention of abuse and teen pregnancy, good study habits, self-esteem, and effects of school dropout in order to help our students, families, and communities thrive. This class was so full that many parents were crowded around the doors and windows outside so they could also participate. There were mothers with small children, grandmothers, and fathers all in attendance. Our DESEO team and our church planting team are serving in these communities weekly, so they work together to bring this important education to the parents. We look forward to next school year when we can start the cycle in its entirety.

Additionally, as you probably remember, the Honduran school year calendar goes from February to November, which means our DESEO Program has also held various closing activities to wrap up the year. At each school the team put on a drama that carried a powerful message about how loved they are by God, and they returned their final evaluations of the values they taught throughout the year. Students and teachers together at each school took the time to thank the DESEO team and tell them how much their work this year made a difference in their school and in their individual lives.

The afternoon tutoring program presented diplomas to the participants and special awards to the students who had perfect attendance and demonstrated good behavior. The students were so proud to be able to celebrate their achievements with the team and talk with excitement about the next school year.

The Upward Basketball program also held closing activities. Each team played a final game as their family members cheered them on from the sidelines. Awards were presented for participation, perfect attendance, and Bible verse memorization, as is part of the Upward program.

The DESEO Program also held a special event to thank and encourage the teachers from each of the schools for their dedication and care given to the students to help them succeed. Data from the students’ evaluations was compiled and given to each school, and awards were given to the top three schools. In addition, a Teacher of the Year award was given to Erecely Ayala Alvarado from the community of El Barrial, Cucuyagua Copán. She has dedicated her life to teaching and was so committed to continuing to bring education to the children of her community throughout the pandemic even when all other schools were closed and had no option for virtual classes. She is a shining example of how impactful teacher’s can be.

These kids have a whole team of people in their corner, and we can’t wait to see what they accomplish next year!

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