Celebrating Another Birthday!

Celebrating Another Birthday!

Through our DESEO Project sponsorships we can bring joy and celebration to sponsored children whose sponsors chose to send additional funds for their birthday. This month we were able to celebrate with Jareth for his 12th birthday. Jareth has just graduated 6th grade last month and has therefore graduated from the DESEO Project. Due to the high drop-out rate in young students, the DESEO Project aims to support families with school supplies, uniforms and free after school programs in order to help keep kids in school for their basic education and set them on a path for success.

Guadalupe Ruelas, who is the Director of Casa Alianza, an NGO in Honduras, says, “We often talk about underdevelopment and marginalized people as if they’re a minority, but in Honduras, the marginalized are a large majority.” According to UNICEF, 77% of Honduran children belong to poor families. “There are more children than adults living in poverty,” she says. “Honduras lags far behind international standards because approximately four million (49%) school-aged children don’t go to school.”

Due to the continued support of Jareth’s sponsor through the years, Jareth was able to stay in school and complete his elementary education. He is now literate and focused on creating a successful future for himself. Happy birthday, Jareth! We are proud of you!

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