Update on the Moses Project

Update on the Moses Project

In addition to a focus on their high school classes, the teens at the Moses Project have gotten to participate in a variety of other dynamic activities. 1) They have been cultivating a garden and using the sales of the produce to save for the seeds to grow next year’s garden. 2) Due to a generous donor, we have been able to purchase a new laptop for each of the boys at the Project so they may complete daily Rosetta Stone English classes. Many of the boys list learning English as their favorite activity. Before, there were only 2 computers available in the common area, so they had to take turns doing schoolwork. But now they will be able to give more attention to their individual English language studies as well as learning how to use computers effectively, which is an important marketable skill. 3) We recently began a STEM club (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math) at the Moses Project. Traditional public education in Honduras focuses on rote memorization and copying from the board, but hands-on, engaging activities are necessary to spark an interest in learning that students will carry with them. They will be participating in fun activities like building spaghetti towers, bridge competitions, programming, and electrical circuits. We’re excited to develop these young men to be problem solvers, innovators, inventors, and critical thinkers! 4) The STEM Club time is also paired with soccer training. The boys have such a passion for soccer but have never learned drills or received any training to develop their skills. Approaching a game with discipline and being able to see measured improvement is a big motivator for these young men!


Thank you for your continued support of this program, and we look forward to impacting more lives each year as the boys are offered life-changing opportunities to better their future.


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