Moses Project Happenings

Moses Project Happenings

Boys headed home for the holidays.

Since school ends here in the first weeks of November, we send the boys at Project Moses home to spend the holidays with their families. Most of them will return to participate in our annual Bible Camp and then by the beginning of February they will be with us again. All our boys ended their schools year in what is called “academic excellence.” Considering that most of them came to us behind in basic skills, it is truly amazing how well they have done. Structure seems to be key to helping them move towards success. It is also noteworthy that they don’t have cell phones and have very limited access to the internet. Their days are filled with schooling, studying, doing homework, taking Bible courses, studying English, tending to their garden, learning about science and horticulture, and of course good nourishment and recreation, specifically soccer. We really hate to see them go and anticipate their return in February!


Try Out Week for Project Moses Candidates

The first week in December will be “try out” week for the 13 candidates we have identified as potential participants in our Project Moses program. We will be selecting 5 of these young men after spending several days observing and interacting with them. We have already assessed the boys through basic educational tests and have found that they, as most all others who have entered our program in the past, are way behind educationally. This is because they come from small villages where the education is lacking as well as coming from families that may not highly value education. What we look for in the boys during their “try out” time is a positive attitude towards learning and hard work. Without those two factors, it will be nearly impossible for the boys to succeed in the high school where they will be enrolled. We trust and believe that the structure and tutoring we will provide to them, along with their own determination and hard work, is the key to future success. We look forward to introducing them to you in a future newsletter.

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