A Note from Donna

A Note from Donna

I hope this month’s newsletter finds you enjoying the new year and looking forward in anticipation for the things to come. Phil and I were able to host our youngest, Laura for about 10 days during the holidays. We loved every minute of her time with us. We were also able to host a lot of others in our home during these last 2 weeks of the year due to our operations being mostly shut down for the holiday. Normally, we work long days and have little energy for entertaining, although we truly love to entertain in our home. Having those we love in our home reminds us that despite being far from “home” and family, we have been given family in abundance here in Honduras.


As the new year kicks off, we are thankful for a few restful days since our first medical team arrived on January 1st. Also, camp kicks off on January 5th. While activity is exciting, exhausting, and fulfilling, it is my personal desire to be more intentional about spending time with God. I desire to feel His presence in all my day to day activities. When I have been able to do that, the peace that passes all understanding is evident and I think I end up being much more productive. I can also feel a difference in how I respond to change and disappointment, which seem to be consistent companions. I would like to ask for your prayers for a special need we have as a family. It is a struggle that is not mine to share, but God knows, even better than us what the real battle is. We thank God for each of you and for your ongoing support.

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