A Note From Donna

A Note From Donna

As we celebrate 15 years since our arrival as a family here in Honduras, it is truly amazing to contemplate all that God has done here in that time frame. I think about the four of us arriving at a country rife with political upheaval and social distress. We were clueless about the events that were taking place, which was probably a good thing. I will probably never forget the morning we awakened to the news that the then president had been removed from office overnight and dropped off (in his pajamas) in Costa Rica. The news and internet sources were cut as well as electricity. We were still staying in a hotel waiting for our things to arrive via ship. We were encouraged to stay inside and keep a low profile. I remember so clearly NOT being afraid or concerned. Over the years we have normed the political unrest in Honduras. We will also never forget the time we got caught amid violent protests over another president who was (presumably) reelected illegally. I think the thing that amazes me most about the social experiences we’ve had while living in Honduras is just how peace-loving the people are. We have often said that in many other countries, there would have been civil war over lesser things. Some of the reasons things have remained as peaceful as they have is the lack of hope that things might change. That same lack of hope in a fair government that works for the good of the people leads to more people being open to hoping in things eternal. I would say that has been good for us as missionaries. The environment we work in is one open to God and His Word. Cultural and religious patterns of old often prevent the transformation in individual lives that God provides. Our job is to provide transformational opportunities to those we serve.

Fourteen years ago, we decided to “get upstream” and start focusing on children. When we discovered that the public schools were open to us bringing in a team to teach Bible and values, we felt like it was a door opened by God himself. We have continued to grow that ministry, known as DESEO. Over the years so many doors have been opened, it would take a book to write about them all. It has been a wonderful experience being in God’s hands as we walk through those doors.


As Phil mentioned, our 15 years have not been without struggle and extreme suffering. Some days (most days) I still cannot believe our Harrison has gone on to Heaven. When I look back at the journey, it takes my breath away. We are certainly still working through the trauma and grief and perhaps will still be doing that when we are finally reunited with him. We cannot think about the past 15 years without thinking about the fact that Harrison is responsible for us even coming to Honduras. He was so excited to be on the mission field again and despite his young age, he left behind a beautiful legacy of passion for the things of God.


As we look forward to the next years of service here in Honduras, we trust God will continue to direct our path. We cannot do this without your continued financial support and especially your prayers. It is our hope that as donors and supporters you too can feel excited to have been a part of what God has done here in western Honduras.

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