The Moses Project

The Moses Project is a 120-acre farm in a small community outside of Santa Rosa de Copàn. This facility can house and train up to 50 boys above the age of 13. These young men learn best practices in the technical and economic aspects of agriculture, especially coffee, fish, and poultry operations, and they have the opportunity to continue their education, since high schools are often not available in their villages. These boys also receive spiritual training through our CREO/CRESCO programs. The Moses Project currently houses 25 young men from all over Western Honduras.
A Moses Project Story

Meet Franklin

Franklin is from Western Honduras. Franklin came to The Moses Project to gain experience in sustainable farming practices.

When Mission UpReach took over The Moses Project in 2015, Franklin stayed on and continued to study agriculture, finish high school, and study the Bible from our church planters.

Helping train The Moses Project boys is just one of the many works of our Church Planters.

Now Franklin has graduated from the program and is interning at the project while attending University and continuing to study at CREO and CRESCO.

CREO is our church leadership and spiritual training program that is taught in a series of intensive, weeklong “boot camps”.

Franklin was recently baptized into Christ and hopes to graduate CREO to become a spiritual leader and help plant churches and inspire change across Western Honduras.

Become a financial partner and help us spread the John 1010 Generation.

The Moses Project is an excellent example of a support program that is financially self-sustaining, that serves several community service needs, and contributes to our key performance index of launching 1010 new churches.

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